Rise of Elves Closed-Beta Whitelist

“Rise of Elves”, the most anticipated blockchain game in 2022, officially invites everyone to participate in the Closed-Beta. Excited to get a sneak peek at the awesome Genesis Elves NFTs? Looking for exciting battles? Here's the chance you won't want to miss! Join and complete these tasks to get the airdrop rewards!

※All progress from Closed-Beta will be WIPED upon the Pre-launch Beta Test.

🎁 Airdrop: Closed-Beta whitelist & a Genesis NFT

💰 Rewards:

1. Guaranteed participation in the Closed-Beta

2. Free Genesis NFTs [one (1) Genesis Elf+ one (1) Genesis Elf Egg] in the Closed-Beta

3. Guarantee in the Pre-launch Beta Test whitelist

📅 Start: 2022/05/13

📅 End: 2022/06/30

🏦 Rewards distribution: One working day after completing all tasks

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Rise of Elves